Friends of Upper Noe Dog Owners Group
Upper Noe Grand Opening

September 6, 2008

Fun and sun was had by all. It was sweltering hot but folks kept cool in the shade where they could find it. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

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Upper Noe Field 360 View

- The Winter of Grover's Discontent -
one dog's view of the long wait
during renovation of Joby's Run

too many legs
All Dressed Up for the Party
ready to go
Ready to Go

David answers questions
The Pooch Coach and friends
Ask the Trainer
Paula and Billy
Friendly Visitors to the New Rog Run Extension
Fresh Grass Feels Great
play ball!
Play Ball!
Alexandra addresses the crowd
Ribbon Cutting Speeches
Our helpful neighbors
Noe Valley NERT Squad
good dogs
Dog Contest Lineup
dog contest entry
Dog on Dog
discerning face
Not Sure If He Approves

Video and pictures contributed by our neighbors.
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